my name is molly.
I am bad at blogging.
I live in Philly where I work as a college counselor at a high school.
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The state of the world makes me want to puke



She gets it.

I was pissed til I read the caption.

Looking for a roommate

Hey Tumblr,
Anyone looking for housing (or know anyone) in Fishtown? The rent is 600 a month. It’s a huge room in a really nice house with a backyard garden. It’s available starting October 15th. The lease is month to month. AND you’d get to live with me :)

Let me know!


Being a grown up is hard. Last month I got to go on an amazing vacation for one of my best friend’s weddings. I paid for the whole thing in cash, which was awesome except that I’m still recovering from it financially. I hate the feeling of owing people and of fretting about money. I get that’s that is just part of life, but it just sucks.
On top of getting legit heart palpitations when I think about money, my roommate, whom I love, just told me that she’s moving to Oakland in October. Now on top of the money anxiety, I’m kind of freaking out about having to find a new roommate, again.

Blerg. I just wish money didn’t exist.




Bring on the weekend

Pixie life

The #1 reason that my pixie cut is the best hairstyle for me:
I am lazy as fuck! I hate washing my hair (and showering all together, if we’re being honest). My hair actually looks better after not having washed it for a couple of days! Like legit, it looks okay today but will look even better tomorrow with some grunge and oil to it.

Our local bar has a spelling bee on Tuesday nights.



About to tear that bee UP

Remember when I said this before? Well, I TORE IT UP and won a voucher for 20% off my meal.


Got caught in the rain during my run. #sowet #andsweaty #notinasexyway




My boyfriend’s going to be proposing to me with the first one! (With a peridot stone instead) We’ve been discussing our transition into fiances :3


Thank you so much!! We’re really excited :)

The fun thing about the top ring is that it’s actually two rings (it comes apart like the one at the bottom) So it works for both the engagement and wedding bands!

Soooo pretty.

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